March 2019   
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In February 2011, the Jones County Sherrifs Department and K-9 unit presented a demonistration and drug awareness program to our youth and other members of the church.   Sgt. Siglet along with his dog "Chico" and Deputy Howard demonstrated the effectiveness of the K-9 unit when persuing a suspect.  Along with the K-9's attack demo Sgt. Siglet also discussed the dangers of drugs and the drugs that are commonly found in our area.  The most important advise he gave the kids was "just don't accept anything from anyone" when it comes to drugs.  Deputy Howard filled in as the suspect in the Suspect Apprehension Demo and allowed Sgt. Siglet to command Chico to attack her just as they would in a apprehension. The program was informative and entertaining and helped equip our kids and youth leaders with important information to help combat the drug issues we face today.

On behalf of First Baptist of Calhoun we would like to give a special thanks to our Sherrif's department, Sgt. Siglet and Deputy Howard for taking the time out to educate our kids on drug awareness and the K-9 Unit.  May we also remember all law enforcement officials who put their lives on the line each day to provide a safe community to live in.  Please pray for our local law enforcement daily for guidance and protection while serving or community.